Friday, 12 August 2011



Today, when I say today I meant today as in 5 days ago (7/8/2011), because this post of procrastination itself was procrastinated. Luckily today, as in today TODAY, I'm gonna finish writing this entry, that has been left out in the dusty dashboard for 5 days. Though there are 3 more drafts ranging from apostates to pokemons. I personally thought that procrastinating is more of a symptom. than a disease apparently it is more worse than those two. It is a Virus. A friggin' VIRUS!

No, it is not Virus from the movie 3 idiots. It is the kind of virus that spread through contact with these people called, Slackers. Apparently I am one of them, there no defying it. It is the sad truth. Being the starter of the Procrastinate virus, I have put up 3 points to counter attack this VIRUS.

Number one is, Do not

Yours truly,
Procrastination-nater .

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